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I love my work.

I hope my site and related content shows how passionate and sincere I am about my work and my clients. Talking with people about their weight and how to manage it is a trust I take very seriously - and I know from personal experience that the right therapy can be life-changing. 

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Creative Approaches to Serious Issues:

Working with weight-related issues is indeed serious business. But the approach and the discussion can be lively, informative and exciting. Therapists must be nurturing, empathetic, understanding and compassionate. There will be times for very emotional and very pointed, direct and frank discussions. That is part of the process. But there is an equal part that can be affable, affirmation-oriented and on occasion just plain fun and a bit humorous. A good therapist knows when to be serious, and an effective one knows when to be human.

Therapy With Me is NOT Some Unknown Process:

There are numerous pre-conceptions about psychotherapy. When practiced by a competent practitioner, psychotherapy is about using an empathetic relationship to explore places in our psyche that people don’t normally go to. Once there, the therapist and client use techniques that enliven those places so that they can be explored clearly. It is up to the client, not the therapist, to determine if and how to use those places that get explored. A good therapist can understand how clients avoid exploring those places and gently guide the client through those blocks. I blog a lot about therapy and weight loss. Moreover, many times, emotions and therapy are entirely logical processes. Though sometimes the subject may be challenging, the therapist should always have a process in mind and be logically able to explain it to clients.

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