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My Movie Debut - "Follow Me", A Documentary about Sustained Weight Loss, 233k YouTube Views Already

A good personal and professional friend, Tony Vassallo was presented with a unique opportunity about six years ago. At the time, "The Biggest Loser" study came out, which stated that long-term weight loss was near "impossible" because the body's metabolism slowed down to a near stand-still after drastic weight loss, in order to preserve the body's weight.

Tony and two of his colleauges set-out to make a film to disprove this, and to show that long-term weight loss was indeed possible. They interviewed 16 different people from around the globe, most with very different backgrounds, to understand how each of us actually sustained our current healthy weights. I was honoured to be one of these "followed" individuals, and also attend a HotDocs screening of the film where I did a Q&A as a cast member.

The film was shown at a few festivals (Toronto HotDocs and the Windsor International Film Festival), and was distributed in a few locations physically and online. About six months ago Tony finally posted the video on YouTube, and it has garnered nearly a quarter-of-a-million views. The movie is below, and I encourage everyone to watch it.

I am miffed that my shirt colar was out of my sweater on one side, but tucked-in on the other, which only goes to prove that my vanity-meter goes off the chart when I am on camera! Enjoy!

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